Our Commitment

We are committed at all times to ensuring our research is:

Never using complex jargon where simpler language will do, while ensuring data and analysis are presented clearly and concisely;

Ensuring our methodology and questions are closely aligned with project objectives, providing results that can be trusted;

Creating research that can be easily used by a wide variety of stakeholders, so that reports aren’t just left to languish in a filing cabinet.

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Why Jetty Research?

Jetty Research aims to provide high quality, cost-effective and confidential research to companies, government, organisations and academia.

As a supplier of both commercial and social research, our mission is “to provide information which helps businesses grow and communities flourish“. This highlights our belief that research needs to be useful rather than just interesting, and that the return on research must well and truly exceed the investment. Hence all research activity is specifically tailored to helping clients make a measurable difference to their understanding of their market (or community), their brand and/or the way they run their organisations.

Jetty Research works on the basis that all questions should be clear, simple and useful, and applies screening methods to ensure this is always the case. The company uses trained researchers – including senior undergraduate and post-graduate students at Southern Cross University – and manages a 12-seat CATI research facility in Coffs Harbour to maintain full quality control over the survey process. Jetty Research has access to sophisticated research software such as SPSS and Plenari, allowing us to analyse and cross-correlate data.

Originally from Sydney, Jetty Research director James Parker has over 30 years commercial experience in finance, media and management. James also has a long interest in market research: at Australian Business magazine he founded and co-ordinated for three years an annual survey of stockbrokers, while at TNT Magazine Pty Ltd he turned that company’s bi-annual quantitative survey of inbound backpackers into the standard reference source among peak tourism bodies. He has participated in many focus groups, both as client and facilitator.

James holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney, and a graduate certificate in applied statistics and research methodology from Swinburne University of Technology. He is a full member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).

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