Jetty Research, established in 2006 in Coffs Harbour, provides simple, credible and useful market research insights. Our client base includes the three tiers of government, businesses of widely varying sizes, and a range of academic and training institutions.

Since January 2019, Jetty Research has been part of the Sydney-based Taverner Research Group. This has given us access to a much larger telephone call centre (now totalling 50 seats), and advanced analytic capabilities.

Useful Research

We're creating insights that can be easily and effectively used by a wide variety of stakeholders, so that reports aren’t just left to languish in filing cabinets.

Credible Research

We ensure that our methodology and questions are closely aligned with project objectives, providing results that can be trusted.

Simple Research

We never using complex jargon where simpler language will do.

We ensure data and analysis are presented clearly and concisely.

CATI Research

CATI ResearchJetty Research uses a modern 12-seat CATI (i.e. telephone) research centre at its base in Coffs Harbour. Our regional location means lower overheads, which in turn means more cost-effective research for our clients.

For larger jobs, we are part of a 50-seat telephone hub with centres in Coffs Harbour, Sydney and Wollongong. Our industry-leading VOXCO software platform provides a flexible and sophisticated platform for all types of CATI research.

Our research team are experienced, highly trained and emotionally mature. In particular, they are carefully trained to ensure that all potential respondents enjoy the experience – whether or not they choose to participate. And being regionally-based, we enjoy remarkably low staff turnover.


Online and mail researchOnline and mail research

Our experience in writing clear, unbiased and well structured questions, and managing complex branching or skip logic, ensures that your online, paper or mixed method surveys achieve their project objectives.


local-govt-researchLocal Government research and training

We are highly experienced in working with local government, and understand the differing needs of all the stakeholders involved. We also train local government staff in good research practice.


Online and mail research

Data analysis and reporting

Our locally based team of experienced coders and analysts can make sense of – and create useful insights from – just about any dataset. And all at surprisingly affordable rates.


Focus group and workshop recruitmentFocus group and workshop recruitment

We work with government bodies at all levels to randomly recruit participants for focus groups and workshops.


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