Our Commitment

We are committed at all times to ensuring our research is:

Never using complex jargon where simpler language will do, while ensuring data and analysis are presented clearly and concisely;

Ensuring our methodology and questions are closely aligned with project objectives, providing results that can be trusted;

Creating research that can be easily used by a wide variety of stakeholders, so that reports aren’t just left to languish in a filing cabinet.

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Landlines vs. mobiles – who’s winning?

In this issue:

Landlines vs. mobiles – the latest data Just how dangerous are young drivers? Want to fine-tune your research skills? Meet our new Sydney account manager!

Despite the continuing popularity of residential phone surveys, concerns obviously continue to be raised about the rise of “mobile-only” households – i.e. those without a fixed line Read more >>

HYPO – The next ‘big thing’ in Council research?

Jetty Research does a lot of CATI (telephone) polling for its government clients. We also increasingly assist clients with online surveys – often in tandem with a paper option. Each polling method has its own advantages and drawbacks.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

Now, it appears you can. We

What type of survey incentives work best?

Along with “What’s the ideal sample size?” (covered in our March newsletter), two common questions we get asked are: “Do we need to offer an incentive for this survey/workshop?”; and/or “What sort of incentive works best?”

These questions are particularly important to Councils, given the probity and (perceived) wastefulness issues that can arise.

In an

The new Privacy Act – what does it mean for you?

On March 12th 2014, the new Australian Privacy Act came into force. And the key impact of this will come via the enforcement of 13 new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

The APPs apply to any public- or private sector company with turnover exceeding $3 million. However they may also have implications for smaller suppliers, especially Read more >>

Five tips for great employee surveys

Over the past 25 years, I have filled out, commissioned and conducted more employee surveys than I care to remember. Some of the surveys I have taken over the years were good, others were shockers. But collectively they have given me a pretty good understanding of how to create employee satisfaction surveys which honestly andobjectively Read more >>

Nappies, nations and Napoleon

What do beer and nappies have in common? Jetty Research is now an approved LGP contractor! Read more >>

Psychopaths, population pyramids and online panels

What classes as a ‘friend’ these days? Our aging population dilemma. Read more >>

Not ANOTHER newsletter!?

Gamification – lets respondents play! Who says data is boring? Read more >>