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We are committed at all times to ensuring our research is:

Never using complex jargon where simpler language will do, while ensuring data and analysis are presented clearly and concisely;

Ensuring our methodology and questions are closely aligned with project objectives, providing results that can be trusted;

Creating research that can be easily used by a wide variety of stakeholders, so that reports aren’t just left to languish in a filing cabinet.

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HYPO – The next ‘big thing’ in Council research?

Jetty Research does a lot of CATI (telephone) polling for its government clients. We also increasingly assist clients with online surveys – often in tandem with a paper option. Each polling method has its own advantages and drawbacks.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

Now, it appears you can. We have successfully trialled with a number of clients a new methodology: online surveys using random telephone recruitment. This hybrid phone/online model – or HYPO for short – offers the benefits of random and representative surveying, with higher participation rates and the user-friendly attributes of online completion. And potentially at a lower cost than traditional phone polling.

In a nutshell, it involves randomly recruiting survey participants via CATI, and asking them to complete an online survey at a time convenient to them. By recruiting +/- 50% more respondents than the desired sample size – and assuming the survey itself isn’t too onerous! – we  can generally assure ourselves an equivalent sample size to traditional CATI polling.

“This hybrid model offers the benefits of random surveying, with higher participation rates, the user-friendly attributes of online completion, and at a lower cost than traditional phone polling .”

Online surveys have a number of advantages over traditional phone polling. They are more user-friendly, particularly for non-English speakers. They allow a wider range of prompted options, and other visual cues. And most importantly, respondents can share their thoughts at a time which suits them.

This methodology is also suitable for Councils wanting to set up online survey panels for ongoing in-house, ad-hoc research.

The main drawback of “traditional” online surveys is that results are in no way representative of the wider community, as participants are self-selecting. That generally means only those with the loudest and most strident views bother to take part. Random phone recruitment gets around that critical problem.

If you would like more information about hybrid phone/online polling, or an obligation-free quote, please call or email us for further information.

Or come and see us at the LGNSW Conference in Coffs Harbour!

“The power of simple” – our first video

We have just finished our first corporate video – discussing how a graph drawn way back in 1869 inspires everything we do. The show lasts less than 2 minutes, and I almost guarantee you’ll find it interesting. It’s located at the bottom of our home page: just click on

www.jettyresearch.com.au    and enjoy..

Are you coming to Coffs for LGNSW?

For the 4th time in 8 years, Jetty Research is proud to sponsor the Local Government NSW conference. And this year we’re delighted that it’s in our home city of Coffs Harbour.

If you’re part of the action, please pop by and say hi. We love talking about any aspect of research or community  engagement  – and promise not to try and sell you anything!

We’re located in Booth 8 of the Exhibitor’s Hall.

Quote of the month

“Inspiration exists – but it has to find us working.” (Pablo Picasso)

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