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We are committed at all times to ensuring our research is:

Never using complex jargon where simpler language will do, while ensuring data and analysis are presented clearly and concisely;

Ensuring our methodology and questions are closely aligned with project objectives, providing results that can be trusted;

Creating research that can be easily used by a wide variety of stakeholders, so that reports aren’t just left to languish in a filing cabinet.

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Not ANOTHER newsletter!?

Not ANOTHER newsletter ?!

Welcome to the first edition of the Jetty Research newsletter. I realise these things are a dime a dozen these days. So in the interests of keeping you on board, we will commit to keeping our own stories:

  • Short;
  • Relevant; and
  • Free of sales pitches (well, mostly).

Check out the first edition, and see what you think. And rest assured all feedback good or “constructive” will be gratefully received. All being well, the next edition should hit your in-tray in February.

Gamification – lets respondents play!

Pac Man - GamificationHave you heard of gamification? It’s a buzz word in research right now and could be an extremely affordable way to improve survey effectiveness.

I originally thought gamification meant constructing elaborate video or online games and using them as research tools. For example: Devise a shoot ?em up game which allows respondents to “kill? a range of different ethnic stereotypes, and then see how this reflects on their real-life racial prejudices.

I gather this type of gamification (the concept, not necessarily the shoot ?em up game!) does actually exist.

But obviously this is only an option for clients with BIG budgets.

The more interesting application is in making survey questions more like games, to improve both response rates and quality of answers. At the Research Society’s Winter School in July, I attended a day-long presentation on questionnaire design that covered off some interesting examples of this.

Using an actual UK case study, imagine the following two questions:

“Describe yourself?” vs. “Describe yourself in exactly 7 words”.

Using the first option resulted in an average of 2.4 descriptors, and an 85% response rate. The second provided 4.5 descriptors on average, and a 98% response rate!

Another example from the same study:

When asked the theoretical question “How much do you like these music artists?”, respondents rated an average of 83 artists each. Once the question became a more quasi-realistic “Imagine you owned your own radio station and could play any music you liked, which of these artists would you put on the playlist?, the number of artists evaluated jumped to 148.

A final example: Asking “Which brands of deodorant come to mind?” provided an average response of two brands. Reframing this more competitively as “How many brands of deodorant can you guess?” raised this to six.

These are very simple examples, and there’s a lot more to gamification than this. But at its heart, gamification is about making research more interesting and/or interactive to the respondent – which surely has to be a good thing. And as our examples show, it doesn’t have to add one cent to your research cost.

Who says data is boring?

At Jetty Research we are constantly on the lookout for visual representation of data designed to make it clearer and/or more interesting to the user. While I think it’s a while before we start presenting data as shown below, you have to admit that (if true, and assuming you can read the legend bottom right) it has plenty of impact!

Knowing Brazil

Ho ho, ho ho, it’s off on hols we go…

Happy HolidaysFinally, just a word that our office will be closed from Friday December 20th, re-opening on Monday January 7th 2013. Though I’ll be O/S for most of that time, please email or text me if you have any urgent inquiries or quote requests.

On behalf of Shane, Reza, and the rest of the Jetty team, I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas break. And looking forward to talking at some stage in 2013!

Best wishes.